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Moonstone Tumblestones

0.85 GBP
This is for ONE Moonstone Tumblestone.

Each stone is beautifully unique so may differ in size and shape from the ones in the photo.

They are approximately 2 cm x 1 - 1.5 cm in size

Moonstone Gemlore

Moonstone is a truly beautiful stone. It is an opalescent feldspar, most often seen in a milky white colour, but can be found in blue and pink.

Also known as the 'Traveler's Stone', it can be charged with protective energies and carried whilst traveling - it's thought to be especially useful for when traveling over water. When placed under the pillow or worn to bed, it said to aid restful sleep.

Moonstone is also linked to psychism, intuition and divination. They are often kept with Tarot cards, or Runes as they enhance the users ability to use their 'tools'.

It is a very feminine stone. Linked with fertility and child bearing, it brings ease to period pains and related disorders. It's an emotional balancer, so may aid with PMT.

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