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Carnelian Tumblestones

0.85 GBP
This is for ONE Carnelian Tumblestone.

Each stone is beautifully unique so may differ in size and shape from the ones in the photo.

They are approximately 2 cm x 1 - 1.5 cm in size

Carnelian Gemlore

Carnelian brings a sense of optimism, and assists in fighting negativity and depression. It helps quell feelings of anger and annoyance, encouraging clear thinking. A grounding stone, it also helps with stress-related problems – wear or hold carnelian to help keep calm. Carnelian gives extra energy if you are feeling tired or run-down.

A stone of protection, courage, confidence and inspiration, carnelian helps us to overcome our fears and is especially beneficial for those who are nervous of public speaking as it said to aid the speaker to be not only relaxed and confident, but more eloquent too, making it an ideal talisman for actors and those involved with the theatre.

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PLEASE NOTE: Gemstone lore has been gathered from various sources and from information and stories passed down through the ages. Use this information at your own risk. No guarantee is made towards its validity.